January Newsletter

Hi My Lovelies!
I have had a hard start to the year, but this is normal for me. You see, my 72nd birthday comes smack in the middle of January, so my “holidays” always sort of continue till the latter part of the month. I have however, been working behind the scenes, and here is some of what is new and what is happening. I will try to put it all in a nutshell.


I just wanted to let you know why I seem slower than usual lately. The 27th of October, I took the worst fall yet. I fell backwards, landing directly on my tailbone, compressing my spine and ribs, with my head landing flush against the aquarium, breaking the aquarium door on the bottom. My entire back was black and blue for over a month, and I can still feel the pain from the compression in my spine, and the trauma to my head. I also, as some of you already know, have had waning eyesight for several years now, and that jolt to the head has caused a lot more bluriness in my sight, and still experiencing pains in my head. I appear to be ok, by some miracle, but as I already know from past physical traumas, sometimes these things get worse with time, instead of better. New traumas and pains are appearing every day, and my movements are 50% more limited than they already were and squinting endlessly seems to be the new norm, even with my glasses on. It’s the epitamy of rattling your brains. Happy Holidays to me lol. Moving on….


As many know I am revamping the main store, I am actually going towards more of a blog, with a shop on the side. I will be scaling down the main store to more higher ticket products and products to help you create in your businesses, and I will also use alternate pages for products on my Zaxaa store, where I can add a fire sale if I like.

For those of you who have purchased products in the last few months, many of those products will be either transfered to the affiliate shop at the .net or the NewAge shop, or removed from the storefront altogether. Fear not tho, I will not be removing the files, at least not right away. I do suggest tho, that you be sure to log in and download any products you have misplaced or would like to have a zip copy of, because they will eventually be removed.


The VIP Membership at Color My Agenda Affiliate Shop has new pricing. Reduced from $20 a month to only $7 a month for the same perks. I did this to help those with this ever increasing economy.
Those of you who already bought and are on the current membership, please check your inboxes for a notice that says your current payment of 20 dollars a month was reduced to $7. You will be charged the current reduction from this time forward. Also, to help compensate for the extra monies (since opening the membership 3 months ago) to current members, that email notice also contains a coupon for $30 to the shop. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

If you would like to try out the VIP Lounge, I am giving new members a one time discount code to get your first month for $4. Visit this page for the info on VIP LOUNGE

If you are on my mailing list, you also got a couple of coupon codes for some new products in this store.

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I have been creating new products for this shop, but these products do take a bit longer, as they are not what so many people like to call low content, or cookie cutter products. I am working on several new Tarot designs, as well as other related products, but will for sure give that shop the attention it deserves very soon. My birthday is on the 16th, so I am quite sure there will be a special or 2 in all the 3 stores on my domains.

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Hey everyone,

My friend Maria Silvo recently asked me some questions for a new article challenge she wrote. I was very glad to be asked, and participate. I work with, or am associated with many of these wonderful women, and they are all an experiment in life, with great end results. Please go this MARIA'S BLOG and read what 18 fabulous women, including myself, have to say!

I want to thank those of you who bought the 2020 Toolbox, that was a great success. If you did not have a chance, waited too long and missed out, you will have another chance in the near future. Keep a scope out and I will alert you as to when you will have a second chance.

I have new planners/coloring books made, just have to tie up the packages with pretty ribbons. Have not been feeling that great this week (what's new ) so again I am in Tortoise mode!

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Hope you like the previews... stay safe!