Becoming An Affiliate

Grab up to 50% commissions for anything you sell.

We have an affiliate program at, you can JOIN HERE !

We also have an affiliate program at Pagan Knot if would rather buy or promote Spiritual themed products. 

These 2 programs are your best bet for earning commisions.

There is also a program on Gumroad which carries CU and Personal Use items (and some unrestricted content, shhhh!) Our affiliate program pays an average of  35% to 50% commission for every (net) sale. New affiliates will start out at 35% and percentages will increase as they promote and make sales.

Visit the link, and fill out the form to Join our Affiliate Program on GUMROAD

You are paid directly by Gumroad, provided you have made sales, and provided your sales have passed the waiting threshold.

You can also sign up for a Gumroad account of your own HERE

All the best selling products will be there. Once you are approved for affiliate status, you will be able to promote any product available in the shops there. Be sure to add your payout details so you can be paid.

I would like All Affiliates to join the Color My Agenda Forums, which is free to join. This is where you will find coupons, any specials, etc. It is also the best place to have discussions or ask questions. Please JOIN HERE!

Once joined, please look for the validation mail in your email account, confirm through the link, and then sign in and make at least one post to see ALL forums available to you as an active member. You will also find the Affiliates Forums toward the bottom, where you can request addition to that hidden forum, if I have not already added you.

There are also affiliate products on Zaxaa (a little complicated to join), but some of the products you will find on the blog here, will be linked to those checkout pages, as well as the other aforementioned shops. 

And most of all, thank you, welcome, and And Let's Rock!!!