Becoming An Affiliate

UPDATE: Our affiliate program is now available on both WarriorPlus and Zaxaa. To promote any product that is available, you need to sign up here>> WarriorPlus or here (it's free) and get your ID's and request affiliation from either platform. 

For WarriorPlus, you can go straight to my profile page (please follow) and see anything I have uploaded there. You can request by finding the product you want to promote, and requesting to do so. If you are familiar with WarriorPlus already great, if not, just sign up for free, and read their help info for affiliates.

For Zaxxaa, simply click the IMAGE on any available product below that you want to promote, and follow the directions on the Zaxaa page. Each new affiliate will require an approval request, but after you are approved once, you can use the same ID to promote more products without waiting for approval. This is to deter fraud and scammers.

Alternatively, I have just started with Warrior too, and am slowly getting items uploaded to Warrior and Zaxaa, as I juggle several other things. If there is a product here in the CMA store that you would like to promote, please contact me , and let me know which product, so I can load it to the affiliate platform for you pronto!

Zaxaa Only: You can choose any product below by clicking the image which will open up a new window and take you to the Zaxaa product page, scroll to the bottom to find the affiliate button, or go to my here>> ZAXAA store, and view all that is there.

Make 25% - 50% Commission on selected product sales!

Our Affiliate program is run by WarriorPlus and, is free, and easy to use!

Ballerina Dreams Printable Journal Kit

This very large gorgeous themed journal kit will inspire any girl to dance, young or older, these pages are full of beautiful flowers, ballerinas in different stages of life, and clusters of beautiful images to inspire you for years to come. A color scheme of rich hues and blends of pinks, reds, black, silver, and gold, these images will make journals you can use over an over, and pass through the generations.

Book Of Shadows PLR

Compiled for magical and spiritual works. Use these pages for everything from Tarot, Astrology patterns, crystal healing, or use the pages to create your own Book of Shadows. Affiliate programs available at  Zaxaa and WarriorPlus

Into Fall Scrapbook Bundle

This bundle contains 70 300 dpi autumn elements about 1000 to 1200 pixels each, 3600 pixels (12 inch) jpg papers include 14 prints, 9 solids, 9 textured, 300 dpi.


Make 25% - 50% Commission on selected product sales!

Our Affiliate program is run by, is free, and easy to use!