Any files added to the system having to do with your courses, should be in PDF, some type of Doc format (MS Word, PPT, etc) and/or jpg format, preferably within a compressed zip containing said items, and must not be more than 15 mg to upload.  Please contain your files in zip format whenever possible. If for any reason you need to upload large files, please use the PDF method, and add a link to the download to an external storage system such as Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Videos must not be loaded to the system, but instead must be available on YouTube, and linked in the course.  If you are not sure how to link YouTube, or make your YouTube playlists unlisted if a paid course, please ask for help.

All registrations, and course submissions are subject to verification and authorization. If you are accepted, you will receive a notice in your email welcoming you as an instructor, with instructions to join the forum for private meetings and discussions.. If you submitted a course, your submission will be publicly viewable after verification, usually within 24 hours. Once verified, please find your instructor dashboard, and fill out your Tutor Bio to let people know about you and what they can learn from you!

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NOTE 10-20-2020: Our Tutor Software is under Beta test. We may move the entire course program to the forum in the near future, as the new forum being built has amazing features, and major control and privacy, as well as the ability to be a promotional tool for all! Anyone currently signed up as an instructor or student, will be asked to sign up as members there, if not already, after we launch the ready forum, which is currently in the WIP mode. If you would like to get a jump on registering for the new forum, you may do so, and participate by giving feedback and suggestions. Find the link in the CMA HOME menu above. Our new forum will be both a free and paid learning ground, as well as a promotional free service for members to create and spread their brand across the internet using live social feeds without ever leaving the site.

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