8 Feng Shui Tips That Could Change Your Life


To find your place on this earth, and how you relate to the forces and motivations that guides and inspire you, you will have to know the following:

From your standpoint, determine the four main points of the compass and its four corresponding sub points. For professional work, remember that subtleties and variables are largely dependent and as widely varied as the person sitting beside you to the next.

Advanced Feng shui practice and consultation will require detailed analysis based on charts and investigations, and could take a while to be written up, because Feng shui is about people, about events and circumstances and how this could all be taken in to harmonize with nature.

Because of this baguas are better placed when the person doing them has a rudimentary knowledge of Feng shui, better yet, when a consultant is employed. The bagua is also used to determine which area within the room house or building is beneficial. It is also a tool to map out those that are not and identify the differences.

Improving the Workflow through a Feng Shui Office, Layout Office spaces today are very expensive especially when it is located in prime locations. This is one of the reasons why office spaces must be utilized and is normally designed with the end view of maximizing every space that is available.

Upfront this space utilization is very cost effective from the standpoint of office rentals. As with any space, sharp corners and protrusions in the wall disturbs the flow of chi. Avoid a position whereby students will be in direct line with it. Do something about open beams if there are any.

The chi flows in a way that whoever would be positioned directly below the beam will suffer the extra pressure that is generated in those beams. Besides, it is not that easy to part with good money on matters that you may still have doubts about. People who have a good working knowledge of Feng shui will need no more egging on, they know. Still, for the uninitiated, Feng shui crystal is a good and inexpensive starting point to feed that curiosity.