As of May 2024, this website is no longer a store in the traditional sense. There is no shopping cart, and customer data has been removed. If you have been on the mailing list since at least the beginning of 2024,  you would have received many emails regarding the fact the store was becoming an information and teaching blog. All products you see in the catalog here with Buy Now or Add to Cart links, are being directed to one of my other stores on other platforms. (Payhip, Ko-Fi, TradeBit, Zaxaa, etc, depending on the type of product.) CLICK HERE if you want to know more about why this change is occuring!

Unfortunately, as happens with almost any website which uses a contact form like we “had” here, we get a lot of spam and unrelated spam for services that no one here cares about, so as I have had to do with 3 other stores on a wordpress platform, I am taking away this ability to the general public! 

If you have a problem with an order, you’ll need to contact us through your purchase account. You created this when you made your purchase in any of the platforms mentioned above. If you have forgotton your password & need a reset, ask for a reminder at the login screen of said store!

Have a question or concern?

You can leave a message thru the message systems on any number of our shops/stores. (Find our main shops in the menu under STORES.

I hate having to do this, but to keep my sanity, my safety and my inboxes clean from these type of intrutions, I must remove this ability. If you are a legit customer, you can always contact me. Anyone who is not yet a customer should have no problem finding and contacting me if you need to.