Well, unfortunately, as happens with almost any website which uses a contact form like we “had” here, we get a lot of spam and unrelated spam for services that no one here cares about, so as I have had to do with 3 other stores on a wordpress platform, I am taking away this ability to the general public! 

If you have a problem with an order, contact us through your purchase account. You created this when you made your purchase. If you have forgotton your password & need a reset, ask for a rememder at the login screen!

Have a question or concern?

You can leave a message thru the message systems on any number of social networks below. 


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I hate having to do this, but to keep my sanity, my safety and my inboxes clean from these type of intrutions, I must remove this ability.If you are a legit customer, you can always contact me. Anyone who is not yet a customer should have no problem finding and contacting me if you need to.