NOTICE: February 24th, 2024:

Over the coming weeks this website will become the Mothership for Unlimited Commercial Content, and will concentrate on creating valuable content on the blog and in calalog form. 

I am going to be removing most of the products AND the cart, asap. WHY???

Well, because on the 13th of February, Loginizer locked out 40 pages of s*am*ers, on the 14th, it locked out 63 pages, and the 15th it locked out 46 pages!!! WTF! If I count that up, it’s like 1490 s*amm*ers… and this is an ongoing battle, some days only 1 or 2 pages, some as many as described above.

Thank the Gods for Loginizer cause it FQing works, but you know what, I am simply fed up. WordPress is getting hit worse than ever, and mind you, it is not just me, it is all WordPress sites, and if you are using Stripe, it’s even worse (I removed Stripe last year, and at least the cart hits stopped, but they continue to try the login and back end, which does slow down a site) I see it everyday, and WordPress’s constant updates may or may not help, while they break other parts of the websites they serve, and then come the fixes. UGH! Besides, the last half a year, I have made more sales at the other 2 shops, SOOOOO!!

So with that said, I have begun to change over the site already. Some items from earlier months last year have already been purged, and I have high security in place. If you have something you want to re-download, please email me with your credentials and I will help you, as any attempts to login will only allow one chance to get it right, then your locked out and blacklisted.

As mentioned before, the main site will become more of an information blog, learning site, and occasionally a spotlight for certain events (now sooner than later). The product pages will become individual lessons, podcasts or videos, and all products although there may be a Buy Now button, will be redirected to the proper shop. Commercial Use, CU4Cu, and unlimited use will be available through any redirection (to a Safe Cart) at both shops below. and

Any other products that are PLR or MRR will be served by another cart outside of the website (products will be directed to other carts) but I will NOT be using WarriorPlus, any JV or ClickBank BS, as they will be placed in more friendly and secure carts. Also more affiliate products and recommendations will be available to share with you.

ColorMyAgenda has a name, brand, and some clout, so I won’t be letting go of the main website, it simply becomes the portal for many other things.