CMA 4 Year Anniversary

Something Special!

I promised my wonderful mailing list I would do something special for the 4th anniversary of the ColorMyAgenda store and brand. The year has thrown wrenches into a January birthday sale or Valentines sale, but I started the CMA busness on Leap Year 2020, and even then promised something especially big to celebrate if I made it the 4 years.

Well it has been a series of ups and downs, I won’t lie, in the longrun, I spent more money than I made, but even with all the obstacles and some not so nice folks I have met along the way (less than a handfull thankfully) I will say it has been lots of fun so far as well, and I have met LOTS of cool wonderful people… most of them are on this mailing list <3

So now for the “something special” …..

To celebrate, from this point forward, until March 1st, for $29.00 you will get a coupon for $300 good for 1 whole year, to use on anything at the “new” CMA Affiliate shop

This means for $29 you can shop endless times through the year, on any new products added, or any current items, and believe me, I have not been silent for no reason, there are LOTS of new things coming up.


Since some of you are into the New Age niche, I will add the Spititual shop to the mix as well. This shop is of course newer, and does not have as many items in it currently “yet”, but there is a ton of products I am finishing up, and adding to the store before Spring.

For this sale you can buy a $24 coupon good for $250 with the same terms as above.
24 turns into 250 just like magic at the New Age store at

AI Creator Club

From friend and creator Carmen Chan of Simply Couture Designs, get this awesome monthly subscription plan for her new AI Creator Club. Let Carmen, a 6-figure creative business owner and course creator to guide you every month on unleashing your creative productivity, thus increasing the profit by guiding you to create

AI generated clipart, coloring pages and digital pattern papers each month. Monthly AI generated digital assets with Commercial Rights included! 

Carmen is well known for her easy to follow courses, and if you are enchanted by the AI Explosion, she will help make you an expert. This is also a great opportunity to enhance your business, for those of you who create and sell printables, and other content. 

Check out one of Carmens products to see the beautiful work she does. 


Ready to learn more about this exciting club? Check the AI CREATOR CLUB out now!