Yes I am Having Black Friday Sales!

Hello my Lovelies!!

A couple of folks have asked if I was going to have a sale for Black Friday.

Well Yes I am. It was kind of last minute because I have beem in so many bundles the last month or so, and yet there is another coming up in just a few days, that the majority of me said “too much”, but since I have been asked, then yes I will!

The sales will be in the affiliate stores, rather than on the main storefront. This will enable my affiliates to promote so they can make some extra seeds for the holidays as well. If you are not an affiliate, both stores adverised below have a program, so you can just follow the links in the sale images, and join the program too.

So, this is a heads up about this Thursdays Black fridays Sales!

First, the COLORMYAGENDA Affiliate store will have a 50% off sale starting November 23rd at Midnight EST, until DEC 8th!

50% off all products
Code: CMABF50off
Start date:
Nov 23rd 2023
End date:
Dec 8th 2023

NEXT: The Spiritual Affiliate Store PAGAN KNOT

50% off all products
Code: BF-Spirit
Start date:
Nov 23rd 2023
End date:
Dec 8th 2023

See You There!!

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