The Transforming Lives Bundle is here! 

The Transforming Lives Bundle is here! 

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Teaching Classes Online

Hello my friends,
Today I have a little freebie for you I made up due to having several teachers as friends.
I had been hearing a few mention concerns about how they were going to conduct their classes online, afraid their students would just tune them out etc. While I don’t know if that is true, and I suppose it depends on the teacher themselves, I can not help with the teaching aspect, although I may be able to provide some tips to those of you who have no idea where to start.

While many of you do not have the tools for things like group chat, or on screen chat, there are some ways you can create lessons, lectures, or other forms of lessons for free online. One of those being Podcasts. There are several services online that will allow you to create podcasts, some even provide a webpage for you to invite listeners to interact with the podcast through live chat. Try searching google for “create a free podcast”.

Other ways of course, are the use of PDF’s, essentially these are digital books. They can be read online, or downloaded to your pc, and read, or printed out into a physical book or binder. Most of these tools are already in your computer as standard tools. Powerpoint where you can create numberous charts and presentations, and Adobe Reader to create PDF’s for your students to download and print. You really don’t need much more, even if you are an artist, as Powerpoint has pretty much everything you need. No fancy expensive graphic or art program needed.

As far as handing in homework assignments etc… the freebie I have included, has forms for email addresses, website addresses and passwords, to-do lists, and a few more for you to use, and you can always think up your own. Finished assignments can be emailed as PDF’s, text or wordpad items, containing each students completed assignments. There would be no excuse for not knowing where to email it as I have provided forms for them to fill out with the given info. Just print it out or save it to your desktop and it’s always there. Also, another suggestion is for you, as the teacher, to save the PDF I am providing as JPGS (you can convert them at if you need to, and add the jpgs to a Powerpoint file, type in the pertinant addresses, websites, and email addresses they need, turn that into another printable PDF, and wallah, they don’t even have to write those in themselves, you have provided it for them.

I could even suggest creating a free forum as a gathering place for teachers and students. One that comes to mind is (do NOT pay for it if you plan to make it temporary or secondary, there is no need, it is full featured enough as free, and by law they provide a secure SSL lock to make the forum secure)

I am sure many of you already know or have thought of on your own, some of the suggestions I have made, but I was surprised at the amount of educators I knew that seemed lost as to how to proceed now. Good luck to all of you, and if I can provide any further tips, I will, and please don’t hesitate to ask me questions also!

Here is your gift.