Yes I am Having Black Friday Sales!

Hello my Lovelies!!

A couple of folks have asked if I was going to have a sale for Black Friday.

Well Yes I am. It was kind of last minute because I have beem in so many bundles the last month or so, and yet there is another coming up in just a few days, that the majority of me said “too much”, but since I have been asked, then yes I will!

The sales will be in the affiliate stores, rather than on the main storefront. This will enable my affiliates to promote so they can make some extra seeds for the holidays as well. If you are not an affiliate, both stores adverised below have a program, so you can just follow the links in the sale images, and join the program too.

So, this is a heads up about this Thursdays Black fridays Sales!

First, the COLORMYAGENDA Affiliate store will have a 50% off sale starting November 23rd at Midnight EST, for 1 week!

50% off all products
Code: CMABF50off
Start date:
Nov 23rd 2023
End date:
Dec 1st 2023

HINT: Don’t buy the Vintage Ladies Junk Journal Printable Kit

You will get this free in the upcoming bundle by Lynette! I will be sending another email when that goes live.

NEXT: The Spiritual Affiliate Store PAGAN KNOT

50% off all products
Code: BF-Spirit
Start date:
Nov 23rd 2023
End date:
Dec 1st 2023

HINT: Don’t buy the Gradient Oracle Cards as you will get those free during Lynettes Bundle as well!


The 2023 Printable Business Growth Bundle is LIVE and ready to transform your printable business journey. 🚀


This extraordinary bundle is your ultimate resource for achieving success in the world of printable businesses. Packed with 19 bite-sized courses, 30 invaluable resources, and a treasure trove of PLR templates, it’s your key to unlocking your full potential as a printable business owner. Take action now! Boost your printable income and get results by end of year 2023.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from the courses in the bundle:

  • Create Digital Planner in Canva: by Carmen Chan – Craft digital planners with ease using Canva.
  • Easy Peasy Planner Creation: by Faith Lee – Create planners with ease, unlocking a profitable niche.
  • Getting Started on Etsy – Basic’s Training: by Diana Heuser and Simone Heuser – Master the essentials of starting and excelling on Etsy.
  • Slam Dunk Seasonal Printables: by Amy Harrop – Master the art of creating captivating seasonal printables.
  • Printables for Kids with special needs course: by Becky Beach – Create printables that cater to the needs of all kids.
  • Design Pretty Printables – 3 Day challenge: by Cherina Booker – Hone your design skills for visually appealing printables.
  • The Pretty Pregnancy Journals Course: by Roxanne Anyanwu – Dive into creating beautiful pregnancy journals that expecting mothers will adore.
  • Printables Brainstorming & Tracking Bundle: by Cori Willis – Discover strategies for brainstorming ideas and tracking your progress.
  • Create and Customize Planner Templates in Canva: by Jill Scott 
  • AI Coloring Masterclass: by Chad Eljisr – Dive into the world of AI-driven coloring and creativity.
  • OK, Let’s Sell! Transforming Product Descriptions Through AI Image Prompts: by Ana Tarouca – Utilize AI to enhance your product descriptions and drive sales.
  • Magic Creators: Crafting Social Post Templates: by Gabby Conde – Craft social post templates with AI that captivate your audience.
  • How to find Trends on Etsy: by Carmen Chan – Discover the latest trends on Etsy to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Christmas Printables Keyword Research Plan: by Shannah Holt – Optimize your Christmas printables with strategic keyword research.
  • Video-Driven Growth: by Lynette Chandler – Harness the potential of video to fuel your business growth.
  • Facebook Ads Checklist For Beginners: by Carlene Kelsey – Learn the basics of Facebook advertising to expand your reach.
  • Magnetize Your Leads: by Sara Saleh – Attract leads to your business like a magnet.
  • Promote Printable shop on Pinterest: by Carmen Chan – Learn how to effectively promote your printable shop on Pinterest.
  • Using Icons in PowerPoint: by Lori Winslow – Unlock the power of icons to enhance your presentations.

And that’s not all! You’ll also gain access to a wealth of Mockup resources:

  • 30 Mockups for Devices and Digital Products: by Kaycee N – Present your printables and digital products in a professional and eye-catching way.
  • Etsy Digital Sellers Kit: by MaryJo Scamurra – A valuable kit to enhance your Etsy shop and sales.
  • Discbound Printable Planner Mockups: by Thass Dezan – Create stunning discbound planner mockups to impress your customers.
  • One-Page Link in Bio Website Template (Canva): by Tina Wuttke – A convenient template for creating your link-in-bio webpage.

And the treasure trove of PLR templates:

  • Business Planner: by Sue Fleckenstein – Plan and execute your business goals with this versatile template.
  • 3 Coloring PLR Printable Products: by Mitzy Thompson – Coloring Self Care Planner, Choosing Kindness Journal, Coloring Relaxation Journal: Relax and engage with these coloring PLR printable products.
  • Canva Ebook Templates by Alessandro Zamboni – 6 Canva ebook templates with PLR rights.
  • My Printables Product Tracker: by Melody Wigdahl – Stay organized with this product tracker template.
  • 2024 Planner and Coloring Calendars Pack: by Miranda Nippes – Get ready for 2024 with this planner and coloring calendars pack.
  • PLR Winter-themed Sudoku Games with 3 quick-start Bonuses: by Jennifer Shugart – Engage your audience with winter-themed Sudoku games.
  • 15 Christmas Party Games Templates + 25 Super-Cute Elf Clipart:by Christina Peterson – Get ready to bring festive fun with these entertaining templates.
  • Birthday Games for Baby Boomers: by Sheila Anderson-Mochrie – Celebrate birthdays with entertaining games for baby boomers.
  • Christmas 2023 Clip Art & Pattern Collection: by Kimberly Costa – Bring the holiday spirit with this clip art and pattern collection.
  • The Complete Pool Party Printables Pack: by Sreedevi V – Make a splash with this pool party printables pack.
  • Empowered Mom’s Goal Planner: by Ida Delos Reyes – Empower your journey with this goal planner.
  • A Ballerina Journal & Planner PLR: by Michelle Farmer – Discover the grace of a ballerina-themed journal and planner.
  • Homeschool Planner & Posters Canva Templates: by Misty Lewis – Create homeschool resources with this Popsicle-themed template.
  • Self-Care Planner for Women PLR: by Tina Haack – Empower women with this self-care planner template.
  • Health & Fitness Planner Kit: by Rebecca Brockman – Achieve your health and fitness goals with this planner kit.
  • Spiritual Apothecary Workbook: by Angela Hobbs – Dive into the world of spiritual exploration with this insightful workbook. MY GIFT!
  • PLR Travel Planner: Jackie Ruggiero – Plan your travels like a pro with this travel planner template.
  • Dream Life Journal Clipart: by Carmen Chan – A set of 22 gorgeous watercolor clipart
  • Fairy Cards Templates: by Clara Eljisr – Explore the enchanting world of fairy-themed cards with these templates.
  • Blissful Self-Care: by Herry Smothermon-Short – 12 Printables Templates for Wellbeing: Promote self-care and wellbeing with these templates.
  • My Business Planner PLR: by Aimee Bagshaw – A versatile business planner template with resell rights.
  • 30 Daily Affirmations Card Deck Template: by Vivian Chai – Inspire positivity with daily affirmations card deck templates.

With this bundle, you have everything you need to transform your printable business and achieve your financial goals. 

🎈🥳Plus, here’s the exciting part: Carmen, the host, will be offering an Early Action Bonus for buying the bundle in the first couple of days

Buy the Printable Business Growth Bundle by November 7th, 2023 at 11:59pm CST, you will receive a brand new course Customize PLR Templates To Sell as your Early Action Bonus from Carmen. And there’s a surprise bonus each day to be added by Carmen, so the earlier you buy, the more bonuses you are going to get.


The bundle offer won’t last forever, so grab the bundle now and take the first step toward printable business success. The bundle will be gone for good after November 13th, 2023. But don’t worry, you will have 5 months to download all the awesome products in the bundle after purchase..


If you buy through my links on this page, you will also receive as a bonus, my Midnight Tarot and Oracle Bundle from my Spiritual Shop, so you can create your own card pack to sell as your own…


Here’s to your success in 2023 and beyond!

P.S. The 2023 Printable Business Growth Bundle is your shortcut to printable income success. Start your journey today with our bite-sized courses, valuable resources, and a treasure trove of PLR templates – efficient, effective, and packed with potential!

It’s A New Dawn

Hello fellow crafters and friends,

Life has been more than chaotic later for all of us. Along with the global pandemic we are all experiencing, we have planetary chaos causing lots of problems in our daily lives as well. We just had a flood in the back room thanks to our washing machine breaking a hose on us. A mess we are still having to deal with. In any case, we try to hold a stiff upper lip and carry on, how very British lol.

Sorry if the Digi store has not had many new things lately, partly due to life, and mostly due to that “back to my roots” bit I was talking about at the beginning of the year. I finally finished the website and launched on Leap Day, only to have the turmoil start then. I lost my best friend within hours, and that sort of took away my motivation and excitement to carry on till this week. Still a little slow, and trying real hard to stay focused, I thought I needed to touch bases with all my Digi folks before too much longer. So here is the deal.

The new store carries planners, journals, coloring books etc. I have only just started to create and load new products. By the time you read this newsletter, it is 8:25 NYC time now, I will have set a brand new sale on all new existing products. Half off right off the bat! Plus there are already some freebies there for you to explore.

The store, located at has it’s own store news blog, as well as the wordpress blog the article below is linked to. Please visit, and join the new mailing list for this store. I will be adding at least 2 or 3 new products a week, plus, if you are one of those people who like to buy and resell done for you products, whether it be artistic journals or coloring books, graphics, or software, I will have something in all those areas soon, including sections on cooking, guidance, and more. Plus I have tons of things to give away free, part of a stash of products I bought or created when my internet “roots” were more into publishing, and marketing, something that was lucritive for me at the time.

Here is a blurb from a new post on the MY DAILY AGENDA WordPress blog. Be sure to check this blog out for a freebie or two also!

You may find you have a lot more time on your hands due to the pandemic were are currently experiencing. Many will be watching the news or tweeting on Twitter etc, while some may be stuck and feeling anxious because they have no idea what to do with the down time.

I know it is hard to get motivated much of the time, especially when we all sit around and worry about this dreaded health issue, but what about putting some time into our businesses online, or even starting a blog or business of your own.
Here are some suggestions:

1: Now is a great time to create something new. How about using your mailing list to create an offer. If you haven’t yet started your email list, this is a great time to start. Create an offer for existing products, or build a new offer around a new product. Get closer to your audience, and ask them directly what they would like to see, or what would help make their lives easier.

Read the entire post at

As for the other digi store, I will be closing that soon, so stand by for that. I most likely will have a lot of retiring, or set to freebies before too long while I plan to completely refresh the stock and agenda there as well. You can always find all my digital resources at this link DigiScrapCafe

Till then, hope everyone is staying safe, and let’s hope we all come out unscathed through it all!


I almost forgot the gift!