Happy Valentines Day Gift

Well here it is, Valentines Day, and day 2 of Color My Agenda, and here with a freebie for you “10 Things”

I spent most of yesterday working on the front page, and a bit on some other misc. but it took all day.

Today I am just laying back a bit and trying to catch up on the emails I neglected yesterday, but I did take the time to make anyone who visits a little ValDay freebie.

Just an extra page you can print over and over and use in your own journals and planners.To make it so it is not “dated”, just add a journal or planner sticker over the tags, you get the idea.

In any case I thought it would be fun to mull over the last 6 weeks since the new year, and see if we kept any resolutions or goals, what we learned we are thankful for, and what we took from the last 6 weeks moving forward. The bottom part of the page has 4 goals or plans for moving ahead for you to write down, (and check yourself later 😉

Anyway, hope you can find use for this, personal use only.

Have fun.

Click link to download!

10 Things Freebie