CMA 4 Year Anniversary

Something Special!

I promised my wonderful mailing list I would do something special for the 4th anniversary of the ColorMyAgenda store and brand. The year has thrown wrenches into a January birthday sale or Valentines sale, but I started the CMA busness on Leap Year 2020, and even then promised something especially big to celebrate if I made it the 4 years.

Well it has been a series of ups and downs, I won’t lie, in the longrun, I spent more money than I made, but even with all the obstacles and some not so nice folks I have met along the way (less than a handfull thankfully) I will say it has been lots of fun so far as well, and I have met LOTS of cool wonderful people… most of them are on this mailing list <3

So now for the “something special” …..

To celebrate, from this point forward, until March 1st, for $29.00 you will get a coupon for $300 good for 1 whole year, to use on anything at the “new” CMA Affiliate shop

This means for $29 you can shop endless times through the year, on any new products added, or any current items, and believe me, I have not been silent for no reason, there are LOTS of new things coming up.


Since some of you are into the New Age niche, I will add the Spititual shop to the mix as well. This shop is of course newer, and does not have as many items in it currently “yet”, but there is a ton of products I am finishing up, and adding to the store before Spring.

For this sale you can buy a $24 coupon good for $250 with the same terms as above.
24 turns into 250 just like magic at the New Age store at

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