30 Days of Motivation

30 Days of Re-centering Your Mind And
Rejuvenating Your Heart



Here is a simple ebook containing 30 days worth of individual quotes for inspiring and motivating you or your clients. This product is not branded, I left it blank for you, with resale rights so you can make up your own sales page, and cover and sell it to your base for personal use.

Each day has a paragraph or 2 of motivational and inspiring posts. You can even post these passages on your blog, one day at a time. If you are a card creator, these would make great inspirational cards.

Here are the titles for each day, with an example at number 30.

Day 1- Recognize The Blessing

Day 2- You Are Not Alone

Day 3- Discover The Path

Day 4- Continue To Take Action

Day 5- Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

Day 6- You Sow What You Reap

Day 7- Be Content With Your Best

Day 8- Develop Positive Habits

Day 9- Believe In Yourself!

Day 10- Get Up When You Fall

Day 11- Surround Yourself With Positivity

Day 12- Reawaken With Each New Day

Day 13- Take Care Of The Issues You Foresee

Day 14- Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Day 15- Get Selfish, Keep The Focus On You
Day 16- Develop An Exercise Routine

Day 17- Eat Healthy!

Day 18- Reassess Your Vision Every So Often

Day 19- Too Much Thinking Is Never A Good Thing

Day 20- Discover A New Hobby

Day 21- Focus On Your Goal, Not Beating Others

Day 22- Practice Kindness Along The Way

Day 23- Keep Looking Ahead

Day 24- Life Is A Marathon

Day 25- Problems Are Part Of The Process

Day 26- Keep Your Goals Set High!

Day 27- It’s Ok To Be Where You Are

Day 28- An Object In Motion Stays In Motion

Day 29- Don’t Give Up!

Day 30- Taste The Little Victories! (example of the motivational post)
Make sure to celebrate a little along the way!
Positive Affirmation: Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back
every so often. Life is a process, and the little celebrations can
save us from going insane. It’s not a bad thing to enjoy yourself
every so often. Do so in a positive way, and as stated previously,
continue to treat yourself as the glorious temple you are!