Welcome to a project long in the making. We are just getting started. Here is a brief summary to give a quick overview while we are still in construction. Soon you will find both paid and free courses to learn a wide variety of subjects including:

How to start a home based business:

  • How to sell on consignment
  • learning SEO and other stategies
  • How to create crafts such as Junk Journals
  • Sewing, crochet, and knitting

CMAU is an online learning platform. We connect educators and teachers with students over online courses and discussions. We offer a casual atmosphere for teaching and learning, where students can post questions and receive answers from teachers.

We are also an online course marketplace where you will find everything from learning art and graphics, to starting your own business, and all in between. We have an LMS learning environment with features such as tasks and quizzes, discussions, even coupons, and soon we will be adding further abilities.

If you have ever wanted to teach and share your knowledge with others, CMAU can provide you with a simple, no frills platform to supplement your income. You will love the opportunities this can offer, not to mention the satisfaction of helping others.

CMAU provides you with simple tools to build beautiful self-paced online courses. Share your knowledge and passions for what you love, provide free knowledge or earn money, and help people create better lives, while in the process receiving the satisfaction that comes with helping to make a difference in the world!.

Currently registration for instructors is open to anyone who would like to add a course. We share a 50% payout though Paypal with all instructors (plus a small 1 dollar flat fee) which includes a discussion and question/answer area in each course to communicate with students. Although our courses are still powered by our check out system, our courses do not show up in our shop products menu, to deter distraction from the courses themselves.

If you would like to register as an instructor and submit a course, please click the INSTRUCTOR REGISTRATION in the below menu! Be advised, each instructor, and each submitted course is validated before publishing. I will do my best to get each course published within 24 hours.

To see the courses already published, please use the COURSE INDEX below or click HERE

Students can register for any course that interests them individually, or you can register to the University at the STUDENT REGISTRATION link below.

See CMAU Info in the menu below for the requirements for instructors.