I have decided to change affiliate services. I am in the process of building my affiliate program on Zaxaa. To promote any product that is available, you need to sign up to Zaxaa.com (it’s free) and get your Zaxaa ID. Each new affiliate will require an approval request, but after you are approved once, you can use the same ID to promote more products without waiting for approval. This is to deter fraud and scammers.

I will still use this page to add alerts, updates, and info for the program, but be advised, any links to products from the old affiliate system are now defunct. A few of you have payouts coming, not to worry, you will get those same as usual, but from this time forward, all payouts for any commisions will be paid using the Zaxaa system. Hope this will be easier to use for all.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to message me and ask!