Hello Participants. For those of you who don't already have a website or blog, you can join and use MailChimp, which you can create for free. I personally like and use Mailchimp, because it is easy to use, gives me all the stats I need, and most of all, keeps the load off my server and website, that is always a good thing.

You can add more than 1 gift (limit 4) as long as your subscribe button is on a different page on your blog or website. If you are using a landing page from a company like Mailchimp, you will need to create a different one for each gift, and a way to deliver the gift, preferably automatically (again MailChimp has this ability, use Dropbox, or Google Drive if you need to, just upload your product, and get a shareable link) If you are using the coupon method, please be sure the code, and instructions for acquiring the gift is stated clearly.

Please add gifts that are at least Commercial Use, the goal here is to give gifts that can be repurposed or re used for the receiver to start or boost their business ventures. This can be anything from graphics and photographs, planners and journals, or information packs and bundles. You may of course add your personal and business details inside the gifts along with your terms and license info (recommended), so people will know where each gift came from.

Each submission will signal an alert to me, please give me up to 24 hours to check each one. After approved, it will go live here on the page. Even if you arrived here because you are on my mailing list or my private group, please be sure to add a reachable email address to the submission of your gifts in case there is need to contact you.

I hope the app below will be easy and self explanatory for you, if not, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions, or help if you need it. If necessary, I can also place the info for you, but you must send the link to A FINISHED and WORKING SYSTEM, meaning your subscribe button/page, submit and gift download are already in place and working. Passwords will change with every new GAW event. If you are still a participant of my lists, you will get new info with dates and a new password several weeks before an event goes live.  Each event will be transferred to the event page here on the site at the end of each month, and the submissions area will be closed. The events will last 11 days, and then be removed till the next event.

If any of you would like to host the event on your blog or website, you can do this copying the code you see in the app below, and placing it on a page that can host a simple script without breaking it.. The code will not be available when the event goes live. This, along with promoting to your own lists, will help explode your traffic also, and will be fun and hassle free for all. You are going to get traffic and signups to your gifts either way, and I can not guarantee that hosting the event will gain you more, but there is a strong possibility of this being fact.



Open the link to submit your gift in a new window (right click link and open in new tab or window)

This will enable you to stay on the page if you would like to add another gift.