Welcome to our event page. If a Giveaway (GAW) is live, you will see it here below.

Our GAWs are quite different from any normal giveaway. While the purpose is still to help you get subscribers,
and free gifts to help you start your journey into self improvement and success, the GAW will be conducted differently. You will be required to use a landing page that can collect email subscribers, (such as one you can create for free in MailChimp), or you can use a special page on your website (like this one) or in a blog post. and a way to deliver the gift, preferably automatically (again MailChimp has this ability) and instead of new people signing up to one website to collect each gift, the gifts will be posted on this page for every live event. All anyone needs to do, is click a thumbnail image of your gift, and they will be transported directly to your offer on your own page. Done and easy!

For purposes of ease and less hassle, this landing page can not be inside another domain that must be joined. In other words, no Facebook pages, or Instagram, or any platform that requires an additional membership to access a page.

If you would like to be a participant, please use this link to sign up to the Giveaway List


October 1st, 2020

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