Tarot Workbook Journal and Spread Bundle


If you did not purchase Gabbys Bundle, here is your chance to get this product now. Discounted for a little while longer, Grab Your Complete Tarot Workbook and Journal Bundle before the price goes up to $47.00


Here is a beautiful bundle of Tarot pages in several varities to mix and match for your business.

You receive a 70 page flat PDF with all the variations to print as you like, or sell as is for personal use to your clients.

You also get 3 separate workbooks/journals for spreads and research etc.

The 3 workbooks include 1 PDF and 1 editable PowerPoint file each.

Also included are 1 jpg containing Major Arcana Tarot cards and symbols to color,

and one original art creation by AHDesign, you can color, frame,

or use as a book cover if you resell any of the PDF’s.

You can edit and make something new, or resell any of the 4 PDF’s included for personal use.

See the interior of the 70 page book.