Software Plugins

NOTE: All software, scripts, including WordPress themes and plugins on are covered by this disclaimer:

Understand that the products in this section we did not create, we don’t develop and therefore we can’t offer support for any software, apps, themes, and plugin being offered.

While we make every effort to deliver high quality products, we make no warranties as to performance, merchantability, or any other warranties whether expressed or implied. All software, scripts, WordPress themes and plugins are provided “AS IS,” and you use at your own risk. If you do not understand how to install software or scripts on your website, please hire a programmer to install for you.

Should you face software bugs or plugin issues, you may contact individual software/plugin authors. Usually, after installation or activation, you will see the software/plugin author’s name and website url indicated within your software interface or WordPress dashboard.

If you have trouble with your download, meaning if you find it does not work at all after installed, like the functions are unfuctional for instance,, or trouble retreiving your product download, please let us know. We will test the product and go from there. We are not in the habit of making refunds for digital products, but based on individual circumstances, a credit or exchange may be in order.

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