Hello my dear customers/affiliates.

Only paying customers are invited to be affiliates in my little home.
If you would like to become an affiliate and earn money selling the products you promote, it is very simple, but sometimes the most simple things can seem to be the most confusing (wink)

The plugin system wants you to actually register yourselves.
While being a bit of a pain I suppose, it might be good too. This way those of you who have no desire to be affiliates, won’t be
getting the updates the rest do, and also it is another security measure to be sure we have real people and not bots signing up.

So in order to register to earn commissions on sales, you need to go to the page:

affiliate-home/affiliate-register/ in the menu above under RESOURCES>>>

and use this password to enter the page “MakeSales4U” (please do NOT share this password)

(not linking the registration page link here, because it causes issues since the page is password protected)

Just fill out the form, be sure to answer all needed questions etc. and I will have to approve you manually.

You of course will be approved, as you are already a customer.

I hope you all decide to participate, I would love to be paying you all back for your support!

After Approval

Once approved and you are able to get inside, you will hopefully see things as self explanatory. I have added this little bit here to the inside of your accounts, to help you understand the process should you wish to help promote products you, your friends  and your own customers will love.


With the new upgrades they have added  an affiliate generator to generate your own links YAY! You should notice it when you are visiting the affiliate dashboard. The alternative to using the generaator, because you may not always have the time to sign in to your account, is the very easy example below.  A reason for using the below method, is if I post a new product on the blog, Facebook, etc, and you do not have time to log in to your account, all you have to do is remember the below method.

You can link to any page on the site with your affiliate ID.
You will get the commission if the referred customer purchases an item.

Lets say you are on a store page or see I have posted a new product on a social network with the following URL:


You can send traffic to the above page by creating an affiliate link with your affiliate ID (wpam_id) to the URL.


I have created an affiliate account on the site and my affiliate ID is 1.

I can now create a link to the above mentioned store page URL by using the following URL:


When a visitor clicks on the above link and purchases something from the store, you as referrer will get a commission.

Get the Links From the Creatives Menu

You can go to the “creatives” menu in the affiliate portal which will give you some simple links you can use to refer users to your site. These can be easily used on facebook, twitter, email etc. What you see there are examples of 2 of the higher priced products.

You have 2 examples each, one to create a text link as above, and the other is a link with the product image, which you can link on your own using a like process. If you have any trouble or need help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hope this helps! Allons-y


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