Hello Everyone,

You landed here because my mail client is being a pita!

I realize it has been weeks, and I hope you all did not forget me. I also hope you have all been in good health while I have been missing.

I have a lot of new subscribers from April’s Toolbox which grew quite a bit since my health issues, and I want to welcome and say “so sorry” for seemingly ignoring you and the list for so long. I did not realise it had been 4 weeks or more, geez! This email also contains some gifts at the bottom, be sure to grab those.

A quick recap, this is the 7th week my hip, spine, and sciatica nerve have been playing more havoc than usual with my life. Altho I am now feeling a lot more relief (afraid to murmer that aloud) the first 5 weeks were beyond tolerable, to say the least. My mobility was near zero, except for endless fidgeting from the pain (a hot knife like pain that radiated all down the left side) so I really could not do much more than watch movies on the PC or telly, and play mindless FB games that required not much movement.

I managed to get through the entire 4 seasons of Stranger Things (excellent if you have not seen this, and are a lover of sci-fi) finished watching the last few seasons of Downtown Abbey, Watched the first season of Good Omens (love me some David Tennant) and am currently half way through Grace and Frankie (wierd but hysterical)

The last week or 2 I have managed to get some things done tho, I have created some new products to be packaged and uploaded soon.
I added a couple new products to my original Etsy Shop Plus there is now a 25% off sale until next Sunday, plus new clearance and discounted items. https://mydailyagenda.etsy.com/

I have revived my Medium account, which has sat idle since Covid stuck us all in March 2020, and I am trying slowly but surely to get back in the groove. It is hard when your body gets used to inactivity, it’s a viscious cycle really, but thanks to several people on my list, who have conversed with me through emails and on my forum, it really helped to interact with you, and I really appreciate you all.

Well for now I will move on… hope to send out a proper email at the usual Mondays, but you may hear from me again this week, through a resend that may have some added updates.


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Till later my friends and fam